In 2015 the first Nebel collection, AW15, was launched. But it started long before that, 6 years earlier to be exact. The dream of working together had to grow and progress to finally end up in Nebel. Nebel is run by the couple Daniel Bartels, award winning designer, and Hanna Lundvall, both with a long background in the fashion industry.

The thought of building a collection that would be worn more than hanging in the closet brought the idea of designing a unisex collection. Nebel stands for a clean design that is unconventional, timeless and urban with avantgardistic influences. Our wish is to design wearable pieces with Nebels signature silhuettes - longer lengths and layering, that can easily be changed with accessories and move from work to leisure, from feminine to masculine. Nebel is not about the number of styles, but about creating the right styles every season.


The pieces from Nebel stand out with their combination of high quality on as well design, production and materials. When working with the collections we want to be a part on everything and value craftsmanship and highly skilled small manufacturers, not to far from where we are based in Hamburg, Germany.


With a passion for what we do and a dedication to create, we hope you will enjoy Nebel.